Artist Statement

My work is either for or about the home.

Installation view of 16 soda fired platters. This piece is titled Scenes from the Floor.

My artistic beginnings are deeply rooted in a potpourri of functional traditions. I continue to contemplate, respect and honor utility even when developing contemplative or sculptural forms. To me the home is more than a specific place or structure. It is also a feeling and/or geographic location. I am drawn to the domestic environment through personal artifacts, repetitious rituals and intimate relationships. I enjoy embracing both the permanent and the ephemeral qualities of place and life. The act of creating artwork that stems from these notions dissolves the boundaries between my home and studio. It fuses the home with the studio and creates an all-encompassing life aesthetic.

Toys on the Floor

Toys on the Floor

My most recent body of work is a visual analysis of my present domestic landscape. The objects in this series reference the haphazard child detritus and paraphernalia I now find as commonplace in my home………and on the floor.